We are a missional church...

  • Focusing on the Word, prayer, and hospitality to love God and others.

  • Proclaiming Christ as our Lord & Savior by encouraging each other to reflect Christ-like characters.

  • United in Christ as a covenant community to see more than what is on the surface to step outside of our comfort zone and carry each other’s burdens as a reminder of why we worship the Triune God.
  • Whose characters are inspired by God’s Word, the Cross of Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.



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       Our Core Values


1. Christ-Centered Life

  • We worship the triune God who revealed Himself
  • We confess our sins together
  • We believe the Scripture is the Inspired Word of God


2. Covenant Community

  • We seek unity in Christ
  • We exercise hospitality
  • We create safe space for everyone to have diversity


3. Character Building

  • We are sinners and imperfect, yet created in God’s Image
  • We need discipline & training to be more like Christ
  • We learn to cover each other’s sins and brokenness with grace

Pastor's Greeeting


This is pastor DongWon and thank you for visiting our website!

I came to KEPC as a pastor of education in 2016 and the Lord has blessed to ministered to youth and young adults since 2008 in Seattle & St. Louis, where I was trained and received master's degrees from Covenant Theological Seminary (Theology & Counseling). 

My passion is to witness God transforming broken sinners like me into a disciple of Jesus Christ for God is on the Mission to renew all things with His people. This is God the Creator who loves us deeply and we can have a intimate relationship with Him through the One who was sent by the Father. I believe the Holy Spirit works in amazing ways to unites us to the God of Trinity and people around us to taste His glory.

This is the Gospel message I am called to proclaim and I want do so by building a community where people can discover the One and Only True God and help each other to embody Christ-likeness, so that we can participate in God’s story of Redemption. 

I love books, classical & jazz music, listening to people’s story over a cup of coffee. 

Jung and I got married in 2010 and we have two children (SunYong & SunYul).

Pastor DongWon